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Contract No.TitleApproved Budget of ContractProcurement ModePublish DateClosing Date

Contract No.Name of ProjectName of BidderBidding DateABCBid Amount
PRDP-IB-RO05-MAS-032-DIM-001-2020-AF2Concreting of Gregorio Aliño to Cabanoyoan FMRV.R. Patron Builders & Developers Corp.February 2, 2021229,969,000.00215,330,181.26
ITB-INFRA-09-2021-003Street Lighting along National Road, Dimasalang, MasbateJOHNCB CONSTRUCTION & SUPPLIESOctober 21, 2021 5,000,000.00
ITB-INFRA-09-2021-002Fabrication of Steel Trash BinRPN CONSTRUCTION SERVICESSeptember 14, 2021150,000.00149,200.00
ITB-INFRA-09-2021-001Repair of Steel Footbridge @ Mambog, Dimasalang, MasbateRPN CONSTRUCTION SERVICESSeptember 14, 2021194,384.00194,000.00
ITB-INFRA-08-2021-001Construction of 1 Unit Day Care Center @ Buracan, Dimasalang, MasbateRPN CONSTRUCTION SERVICESSeptember 6, 20211,000,000.00997424.58
ITB-INFRA-03-2021-001Renovation of MSWDO Office (Additional Item of Works)RPN CONSTRUCTION SERVICESMarch 12, 2021150,000.00148,441.00
ITB-INFRA-01-2021-002Fabrication of Multi-Purpose TentRPN CONSTRUCTION SERVICESFebruary 08, 20212,000,000.001,989,619.00
ITB-INFRA-01-2021-001Upgrading of Local Access Road in Barangay Gaid to Barangay SubaALGIMAR ConstructionFebruary 08, 20219,561,000.009,531,000.00
ITB-GOODS-12-2021-003Supply and Delivery of Banca and other Fishing Paraphernalia to affected Fisherfolks of Typhoon JolinaRED HEAD TRADINGDecember 27, 20211,764,850.001,700,000.00
ITB-GOODS-06-2021-002Supply and Delivery of Farm Inputs (Fertilizer)THE SELFIE CORPORATIONJune 16, 2021650,000.00648,500.00
ITB-GOODS-06-2021-001Installation of Solar Panel in Main Health Center Birthing Facility3CA BUILDERSJune 09, 2021500,000.00499,085.61
ITB-GOODS-05-2021-002Supply and Delivery of One (1) Unit Rice Recirculating Dryer (Re-bid)AAD ENTERPRISESJuly 06, 20212,950,000.002,945,000.00
ITB-GOODS-03-2021-001Supply and Delivery of 1 Unit Base and 22 Units Portable RadioJKP2 SAFETY AND SECURITY PRODUCTSMarch 09, 2021300,000.00296,424.00
ITB-GOODS-02-2022-001Supply and Delivery of Rescue VehicleM & R Megatrade Company Ltd.February 28, 20212,500,000.002,498,888.00
ITB-12-19-004Concreting of Brgy. Road at Junction Gaid to Suba, Dimasalang, MasbateALGIMAR CONSTRUCTIONJanuary 3, 20209,831,000.009,781,000.00
ITB-11-2020-003Construction/Renovation of Multi-Purpose Building (MSWDO Office) Re-bidRPN Construction ServicesDecember 07, 2020500,000.00486,964.00
ITB-11-2020-002Construction of 1 Unit Day Care CenterRPN Construction ServicesDecember 07, 20201,000,000.00994,436.43
ITB-10-2020-004Supply and Delivery of ICT Office Equipment (Re-Bid)MATRIX SOLUTIONS AND GENERAL MERCHANDISEOctober 22, 2020527,190.00527,000.00
ITB-07-2020-008Installation of Solar Panel in Barangay Health Facility (Re-bid)Mearl EnterprisesJuly 24, 2020250,000.00248,564.40
ITB-07-2020-005Supply and Delivery of Farm Input (Seeds & Fertilizer) (Re-bid)Camsur Multi-Purpose CooperativeJuly 24, 2020502,500.00480,000.00
ITB-07-2020-004Supply, Delivery & Testing of One (1) Unit 50kva Brand New Diesel Generator Set (Re-bid)3R3M Construction and SupplyJuly 20, 2020750,000.00745,000.00
ITB-07-2020-003Construction of 1 Unit Community Learning Center (Re-Bid)C.B. Construction & DevelopmentJuly 20, 2020800,000.00777,470.78
ITB-07-2020-002Installation of Rain Water Collectors (Re-bid)3R3M Construction and SupplyJuly 20, 2020105,000.00103,928.00
ITB-06-2020-004On-going Construction of DNHS Covered CourtGEMJOY CONSTRUCTIONJune 22, 20201,500,000.001,498,500.00
ITB-06-2020-003Drilling Works/Exploration of water source for supplementation of Level III Water Supply SystemJRMX Construction & General MerchandiseJune 22, 20201,500,000.001,497,158.76
ITB-06-2020-002Construction of Slaughterhouse at Municipal Agriculture Office CompoundALGIMAR ConstructionJune 22, 20203,000,000.002,975,000.00
ITB-06-2020-001Concreting of Municipal Road at Tamayo Street, Barangay Poblacion and Canomay, Dimasalang, MasbateALGIMAR ConstructionJune 22, 20203,000,000.002,975,000.00
ITB-03-2020-002Supply and Delivery Farm Input (Assistance to Farmers)CAMSUR MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVEJune 26, 2020500,000.00497,250.00
ITB-03-2020-001Procurement & Installation of Additional CCTVMATRIX SOLUTIONS AND GENERAL MERCHANDISEMay 22, 2020300,000.00298,790.00
ITB-01-2020-006Construction of One (1) Unit Halfway House for BirthingGEMJOY CONSTRUCTIONFebruary 21, 20201,000,000.00989,961.12
ITB-01-2020-005Construction of Community Fish Landing Center (Additional Works)C.B. CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENTFebruary 21, 20203,500,000.003,490,347.76
ITB-01-2020-004Construction/Improvement of Rural Health Unit FacilityGEMJOY CONSTRUCTIONFebruary 21, 20202,000,000.001,979,894.84